About Driverless

About Driverless Delivery in Canada

The team at Driverless can move your personal classic, luxury, and muscle cars from door to door, safely and securely. With the right experience, technology, systems, and professionalism you can trust us to get it done right.

Driverless Door to Door Auto Delivery in Canada

Door To Door Delivery

Driverless is all about automotive delivery by design, moving high-end and valuable vehicles from door to door anywhere in Canada and even the United States.

Just tell us where your vehicle is, where you need it to be, and by when and we manage safely moving it from origin to destination with as little stress as possible, and with little risk to your most valuable possessions.  

Hands-Free, Stress-Free

With our unique loading system, once the front wheels of your vehicle are on the ramp, the system takes over and we manage the loading of the car onto a spacious trailer remotely. No hands need to touch your car once the loading begins, or once we reach your destination until you're ready to drive it.

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Driverless Delivery, Auto Transport and Delivery in the GTA and Ontario

Protect Your Investment

We know how important your cars are to you. Valuable works of art need to be protected, and our Driverless Delivery system is designed to do exactly that. The only hands that need to touch your vehicle are yours, and the only hands operating our equipment have over 35 years of experience in the transportation industry.

Technology And Expertise, On Your Side

The days of climbing in and out of car windows, scuffing paint, driving off ramps and managing the stress of moving a vehicle are now in the past. Our Driverless system is safe and dynamic, adjusting to your vehicle's parameters. It is also remotely operated for a completely hands-off experience, and it only requires one of our experienced operators to function.

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About Driverless, Auto Delivery By Design in the GTA and Canada

Our Vision

The overarching goal of Driverless is to allow you to move your prized possessions quickly, safely and with the least amount of stress as possible, with door to door service. With our experience, technology, and professionalism you can trust us to get it done right.

The Choice

When it comes to moving your cars, we know you have a choice and expect it's not an easy one. We can help, and here's how.

Why Choose Driverless

The Experience

Moving your car from point A to point B should be as easy as possible, and the Driverless experience is just that, by design.

The Driverless Experience

The Technology

The technology we use assures your vehicle is loaded in a risk-free way, and safely fastened for the trip from door to door.

About The Technology

Driverless, From Door To Door

Tell us what you need, and we'll help you move your car safely and securely anywhere in Canada and across the US.

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