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Choosing Driverless Auto Delivery in Canada

We know how stressful it can be to transport a car, whether you've just purchased it at an auction or are simply relocating it. Driverless Delivery minimizes that stress while moving your personal luxury, classic, or muscle car anywhere in Canada and the United States, from Point A to Point B, safely and securely. 


We take the driver out of the car, and the car out of danger, all while requiring one person to manage the entire loading process. When it comes to transporting your most prized possessions, less is more.

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By eliminating the need for someone to drive your vehicle into the trailer we've also mitigated the risks, from slipping off the ramps to scratching paint while maneuvering out of a window.

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Driverless Auto Delivery In Canada


Our system is designed to eliminate the need for anyone to touch your vehicle. Once the wheels of your car are on the ramps, the system takes over to load your vehicle into our trailer, unmanned and unmarred.

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From A-To-B

Once loaded, your vehicle can be moved freely from origin to destination, and we can work with you no matter the location. Whether it's straight from the auction, or from one garage to another we'll get it there.

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  • Safety is our number one priority, between keeping you and your car safe, to operating our equipment in a safe and professional way.
    Rick Voortman, CEO of Driverless

Driverless, From Door To Door

Tell us what you need, and we'll help you move your car safely and securely anywhere in Canada and across the US.

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