The Driverless Technology

Driverless Delivery, Auto Transport Technology in the GTA and Ontario

Driverless is truly Automotive delivery by design, using the latest technology to load and unload vehicles with no driver required to move your valued personal luxury, classic and sports cars across Canada and the United States. See it in action ›

Low Approach Angle

Even the lowest-slung supercars can be loaded safely with an industry-best 4-degree approach angle.

The system can be adjusted, allowing us to strike the perfect balance to load your ride.

Seamless Operation

Once the car is in position, the process is smooth and requires one person to operate, outside of the car.

Using the same process to load and unload makes this a seamless, stress-free operation.

Driverless Delivery, Classic Car Transport in the GTA

At The Wheels

The system works by grappling the wheels of your vehicle, and adjusting for wheelbase.

This means we can tailor the loading process to almost any vehicle, quickly and easliy.

Straps, Not Chains

By grappling the wheels, we are also afford the ability to use incredibly strong nylon straps, instead of bulky and unforgiving chains.

Without the risk of scraping, we keep this stress-free.

Driverless Delivery, Luxury Sports Car Transportation in the GTA

Remote Manageable

Being able to do all of this with only one man, outside of the car, makes this one of the most flexible vehicle loading and moving systems ever made.

Keep your paint free from scuffs, and your life free from stress.


One we've loaded the vehicle, it's time to get moving, and having a fully enclosed trailer means we can keep the car in pristine shape from point A to point B. Automated loading, adjustable approach angles and lots of space make this a white-glove approach to auto transport.

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