Driverless Door To Door Auto Delivery

We manage the transportation of your personal, luxury, classic, or sports cars from Point-A to Point-B, safely and securely in Canada and across the US.

Safe Transport

Trust Driverless to get your car from door to door safely and efficiently.

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Our Driverless system allows for a completely stress-free experience.

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Our technology minimizes the risk points typical of transporting cars.

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The White-Glove Treatment

Your car is valuable to you, and you can't trust the care and logistics of something so important to just anyone.

Take Care Of Your Investment

If you've just purchased a car at auction, or need to relocate a vehicle you already own and care for, the prospect of transporting it can seem daunting and overwhelming. Our system takes the stress and risk out of driving your own vehicle into a trailer by removing the driving component completely. 

Driverless can help get your car from door to door safely and securely, anywhere in Canada and the US.

About The Company

Driverless Auto Delivery, White Glove Auto Transportation in Canada

  • Safety is our number one priority, between keeping you and your car safe, to operating our equipment in a safe and professional way.
    Rick Voortman, CEO of Driverless
  • With an adjustable angle of approach, our loading systems can reconfigure to accommodate the lowest rides, safely and securely.
    Rick Voortman, CEO of Driverless
  • The system itself relies on strapping the wheels of the car, which levels the playing field and makes the system that much more flexible.
    Rick Voortman, CEO of Driverless

Flexibility By Design

Our system is dynamic, adjusting to the wheelbase and track of your vehicle, with an industry-best minimum approach angle of only 4 degrees.

Hands-Free, Stress-Free

Scraped bumpers, marred suspension, unsteady ramps, and crawling out of the driver's window are no longer necessary risks of moving your prized possessions. Our trailers are completely enclosed, remotely controlled, and immaculately cared for. With integrated ramps and a driverless approach to automotive transport, our system takes the stress and risks out of moving your car, so you can focus more on the things that matter.

The Technology

Driverless, From Door To Door

Tell us what you need, and we'll help you move your car safely and securely anywhere in Canada and across the US.

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